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Coming Soon
For Political Ad Buyers

The online political ad world has been rocked by scandal, interference and mistrust.

Spot-On thinks it’s time for a change.

We’ve built our Pinpoint Persuasion Platform to help political buyers find online news outlets, easily and quickly to order video, audio, banner and ‘rich’ media placements – take-overs, in-banner video – down the street or across the country.

You can watch your buy run in real-time and make changes – as strategy dictates.

We have a curated database of more than 4,000 sites: daily and weekly print outlets, stand- alone neighborhood sites, ethnic publications, TV stations and national news services – happy to take your ads.

Private beta testing has started. Want to see if we can help your campaign? Send us an email

For Publishers

The Pinpoint Placement platform offers publishers a way to earn political ad dollars without the loss they experience with programmatic our automated buys. This portion of our platform is being tested by publishers across the country and is expected to roll out publicly in Spring 2020.

Interested in earning more political ad dollars?

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